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Pompano Beach Pier Broward County Florida Under the Pier

Tips to Help You Get To Know Pompano Beach, FL

Learn More About Pompano Beach, FL

When you’re planning a vacation, you might want to get to know Pompano Beach, FL. The Sunshine State features some amazing beaches and tourist spots, and you might be wondering which would be the best choice. Well, if you’re looking for a beautiful and relaxing destination with good food, good fun, and plenty of things to do, then you want to head on over here to Pompano Beach. Let’s have a look at some of the best accommodations, best places to dine, and some of the most enjoyable activities available there.

sea horse motel pompano beachThe first thing you want to do when planning a trip is to find a good place to stay. When you get to know Pompano Beach, FL, you’ll find some great places to hang your hat. The Sea Horse Motel is noted as one of the best on the beach. It’s affordable, clean, and family friendly. Best of all, it’s right across the street from the beach, so it’s just a short walk to the sand and surf. The Royal Flamingo Villas are another great place to stay. It features a 300-foot private beach, heated pool, thatched-roof tiki huts which are ideal for seaside picnics, and it just minutes away from dining, shopping, and great night-life locations.

Pompano Beach Pier Broward County Florida Under the Pier

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The next part of the trip to plan is what activities you’ll want to take part in. When you get to know Pompano Beach, FL, you’ll find that there is plenty to do for people of all ages. For the avid golfer, there are some great courses nearby. The Pompano Municipal Pier is free and offers some great views and great fishing. It’s great for a little relaxing time with the whole family. If your family is the more adventurous type, or if you are, you can head on over to the LTS Water-ski and Wakeboard School. You and your whole family can rent a boat for the day and have the chance to learn to water ski, barefoot water ski, and wakeboard.
Next on the vacation list is finding some great places to eat, and of course as you get to know Pompano Beach, FL, you’ll see just how fine the dining can be. The Mediterraneo Café and Grill is a small Italian restaurant with great food and great atmosphere. It’s definitely worth a visit. Also, the Cypress Nook Bavaria Haus Restaurant is one you don’t want to miss. They feature authentic German food and are known for their excellent breakfast menu. Give the eggs benedict a try, and you won’t be disappointed.

lighthouse-cove-resortFinally, no trip would be complete without checking out the nightlife. When you get to know Pompano Beach, FL, you’ll find out the nightlife is always hopping. If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, check out the Lighthouse Cove Tiki Bar. They have some great music and good food, but the music is never too loud so you can just relax and enjoy the evening. Another great spot is the Briny Irish Pub. The food is excellent and the waitresses won’t let your drinks run dry.

From the accommodations to the restaurants to the fun activities and the exciting nightlife, you’ll definitely be in for a fun time when you take the time to get to know Pompano Beach, FL.

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