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Pompano Beach Real Estate Market Update 2021

Sonata Beach Condos Pompano Beach

What’s the current market trend for the Pompano Beach real estate market in 2021? Despite the pandemic, Pompano Beach properties remain steady – attracting both would-be homeowners and investors. The sandy beaches and scenic stretch of the ocean remain a compelling attraction to buyers who want to own property close to the water. Real Estate…

Pompano Beach Coronavirus Update 7-21-20

Here is the latest Pompano Beach Coronavirus Update – July 21, 2020. The number of COVID-19 cases in Pompano Beach, Florida is still increasing. Since the first-ever recorded case of COVID-19 was recorded in the city, Pompano Beach now has a total of 16, 155 cases, with new cases averaging at 453 cases per day,…

Pompano Beach Curfew Update

stay-home-Pompano beach curfew

UPDATE JULY 3rd– The Pompano Beach curfew has now been lifted. Get Pompano Beach COVID updates HERE Get Broward County COVID updates HERE If you have been reading or watching the state of COVID in Pompano Beach, Florida, you would be able to hear of the state of emergency that Broward County has been facing…