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Ed Cook is a professional Realtor and specializes in luxury real estate in beautiful Pompano Beach, Florida. He has successfully listed and sold over $40 million dollars in real estate transactions in the last 5 years. Contact him today for all your luxury real estate needs in Pompano Beach.

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Pompano Beach, Florida

Pompano Beach, Florida | Living and Real Estate Details

“Pompano Beach provides the perfect blend of natural beachfront beauty, active outdoor lifestyle, and both day and night time action. The gorgeous brand-new fishing pier and new beachfront dining options, all part of the new “Pompano Beach Fishing Village”, have energized the entire beach area. From outdoor cafes, restaurants and tiki bars to children’s playgrounds, fountains and outdoor fitness areas, Pompano Beach is now regarded as “South Florid’s newest dining and recreation destination.””

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Luxury Pompano Beach Neighborhoods

Homes for sale in Pompano Beach pop up every year. There’s a great chance you’ll spend all of your life in this glorious city. Pompano Beach has an energetic, modern vibe with a practical side as well—apart from trendy shopping and restaurants, it has efficient transportation and school districts.

High Ridge Estates

High Ridge Estates with over a thousand residents is one of the most peaceful neighborhoods in the city. Locals praise the area for its cleanliness, excellent walkability, pleasant neighbors, peace, and quiet. Its surroundings are pet-friendly as well.

Harbor Village

One of the city’s swankiest areas—most homeowners need spots where they can dock their luxurious vessels or yachts. Apart from the beautiful real estate, the place boasts interesting flora and fauna and a chain of fashionable restaurants.

Cypress Point

Homes for sale in Cypress Point have an average price of $277,500. Among the hottest neighborhoods are Cape Orl Estates, and Conway. There are single family homes, condos, and townhouses on the market.

Pompano Isles

Clients looking for high-value, mid-size family home residencies will like this neighborhood. It is the perfect spot for for nice single family homes. The community presents a good range of amenities to accommodate the leisure and bonding needs of residents.

Terra Mar Island Estates

The residential community, built in 1975, currently offers single family homes in the price range from $539,000 to $1,750,000.

Hillsboro Shores

Single family homes for sale have an average listing price of $828,000. Popular neighborhoods include Pompano Beach Park, Hillsboro Mile Ocean Apartments, oceanfront homes on Bay Dr, Hillsboro Harbor, Deerfield Beach Island, and Hillsboro Beach. The top-rated real estate agents are local experts who are ready to answer questions about homes in this area of Pompano Beach, Florida.

North Ocean Blvd

This is the place for folks who want to take in the sea breeze—by choosing dwellings close to the ocean. This is one of Pompano Beach’s most coveted spots due to its proximity to the coasts. Contact me if you want to take advantage of superior Pompano beach condos and real estate properties in this area.

Santa Barbara Estates

Some of the nicest properties on the market are in Santa Barbara Estates. The average listing price is $461,749.

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Facts About Pompano Beach

Here are some facts of interest about the Pompano Beach, FL community.

Pompano Beach, FL has a climate that is referred to as tropical wet and dry. It has consistent weather throughout the year with several temperature changes during winter. The summers are very hot and it tends to rain a lot in the area as well.

The city experiences sporadic cold fronts. It rarely experiences extremely cold winter seasons.


Waterfront homes often sell in areas close to the beach. Whether you want to rent a single-family home in Pompano Beach or purchase an elegant, charming beach Florida home, the options for beautiful houses abound in waterfront areas like Riverside Dr and NE Ave in Pompano Beach, FL.

For a taste of luxury homes, check out places like High Ridge Estates, Terra Mar, and Palm Aire Dr. Other popular addresses in the city include the City Center, Course Dr, Cypress Harbor, E Atlantic Blvd, SE 14th St, Bay Dr, and N. Ocean Blvd.


Cost of Living

The cost of living in Pompano Beach, FL is around 5% higher than the national average. Food items not grown locally typically cost more. Groceries, in general, are 6% higher compared to other areas in the country.

Thanks to the Fair Housing Act, residents from all walks of life and all colors can rent and purchase homes without hassles and discrimination. Pompano Beach, FL real estate is available range of prices – a single family home usually starts at $160,000 while luxury waterfront homes and mansions have million-dollar price tags.

One of the bonuses of living in Pompano Beach, FL neighborhoods or beach Florida is the United States Homestead Exemption which provides locals a cut in assessed taxable value of their properties. This saves Pompano Beach, FL neighborhood dwellers’ tax savings every year.

If you are starting out on your own, you can opt for a property type like a one-bedroom apartment or condo unit. There are rentals in the city and neighboring communities with affordable monthly costs.

Electricity costs are higher in the summer due to air-conditioning usage. The city is not that hot most all year so AC is not needed every season. The use of electric fans allows homeowners to save on AC costs.

Due to the range of entertainment the city offers, costs for activities vary. Pompano Beach hosts lots of shopping, bars, restaurants and other entertainment facilities. Spending on entertainment depends on your lifestyle.

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Communities Close to Pompano Beach...

Pompano Beach is close to several thriving and exciting areas in South Florida.

Lauderdale-By the-Sea

This cozy, quaint seaside town on the state’s east coast is the perfect spot to fulfill laidback living. Swimming, perfecting that golden tan, weekend dancing, paddle boarding, angling or just plain relaxing by the shore are just several of the many things you can do in this charming coastal abode.

Unlike other cities and towns nearby, its administration has the rights reserved to decline requests to erect sizable condominiums along its pristine shores. Thus, if you want the charm of old Florida, you will totally experience it in this fair town. Go and check; it’s just 12 minutes away from Pompano Beach.

Fort Lauderdale

This bustling city is among the state’s most popular for its stretches of ocean and sand. It features the Strip, once the home of self-indulgent spring break soirees. It has since been transformed into a queue of the city’s upscale boutiques, restaurants, happening bars, and prestigious hotels.

Great real estate can be found in Galt Ocean or Galt Ocean Mile. If Lighthouse Point is more your speed, then you can check out the many Lighthouse Point homes and Lighthouse Point condos offered here. Lighthouse Point is a popular real estate hub due to its proximity to the beach. Fort Lauderdale is a 15-minute drive to Pompano Beach.

Boca Raton

This is a 13-minute drive to Pompano Beach. It is Palm Beach County’s southernmost metropolitan area. The place is popular with travelers due to its beaches, parks and golf courses. It boasts of the Red Reef Park, Mizner Park and the Boca Raton Museum of Art. The city is also home to superb real estate; many potential homeowners covet the beach Florida area.

Coconut Creek

Coconut Creek is situated between Pompano Beach and Deerfield Beach. It is nestled throughout the Atlantic Coast. Like Pompano Beach, it makes use of the Interstate 95. Taking a trip to the state’s nearby travel destinations is a 13-minute drive to Pompano Beach.

Pompano Beach, Florida Real Estate

When it comes to real estate, South Florida is king. Areas like Pompano Beach, Florida do not run out of real estate agents successfully sealing deals with clients who are after an affordable family home, sumptuous mansion or a Pompano Beach, Florida waterfront single family home. Fair housing has also made securing a home in this city a possibility for all potential residents regardless of status and color.

One of the many reasons why people want to live in the city or near Pompano Beach, Florida is due to the excellent employment growth the area offers. External businesses are welcomed with open arms here and allowed to farewell.

Pompano Beach and its surrounding cities and towns are not only good-looking; they are also excellent for your career, family, and lifestyle.

You won’t have to worry about your preferred property type in the city. Whether it’s a single family home, Pompano Beach condo, a magnificent Pompano Beach waterfront residence, or a simple, practical apartment in Palm Aire, you will find your dream home in South Florida realty.

Allow a trusty Pompano Beach real estate agent like me to direct you to a place that you can finally call your home. Ed Cook Real Estate, LLC is always ready and able to steer you to topnotch South Florida living.

So, are you prepared for an excellent foray into the world of Pompano Beach realty? I’m sure you are! I can give you all the essential information you need and the law requires to make purchasing your dream home an easier procedure.

A dependable real estate, LLC will help you take care of both the small and the big stuff. Let me provide you with the helpful neighborhood and listing information around Pompano Beach for effortless house-hunting expeditions. I can provide you with information regarding gracious, laidback Pompano Beach homes, ritzy Pompano Beach condos, luxury homes along Bay Dr, or 14th Street apartments for rent.

Whatever property type you need, I am glad to give you lots of lovely options.

I can also provide clients with useful real estate investment tools like a mortgage calculator so you can keep yourself abreast of house prices. Whether you have questions regarding the dimensions of the house in square feet, the lot size or the peace and order in every neighborhood, I am more than willing to lend you a helping hand.

If you have plans to sell real estate in the city, I can be of immense help as well. My know-how in the intricacies of real estate dealings and experience can contribute to a quick purchase of your real estate piece at, of course, appropriate prices.

Get in touch with me at Ed Cook Real Estate and let’s talk. Know more about my services, the real estate properties I have recently sold and my experiences in this thriving world of beautiful South Florida real estate. Do check out the rest of my website for more beneficial data and listings all over Pompano Beach.

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