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Looking for the perfect place to live, relax, and enjoy full baths? Offering the ideal combination of ocean access and isolation, the Hampton Beach Club Condos in Pompano Beach boasts state of the art club condos for sale. Available units are there for you ready to take full advantage of the Lauderdale by the Sea view – giving you a relaxing vantage from the comfort of your Beach Club home.

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Hampton Beach Club Condo Amenities

Located in the quiet part of South Florida, these club condos for sale are equipped with multiple bedroom units with generous square feet per room. All our condos in Lauderdale by the Sea come with garage parking security to keep your vehicles clean and safe at all times. Despite the relative peace of this Ocean Blvd. Lauderdale location, however, you can be sure that there are nearby cities where you can enjoy a selection of restaurants, shops, movies, and other forms of entertainment.

If you’re not in the mood to go far from the Hampton Beach Club, this FL beach condo is already home to several luxury amenities for your own enjoyment, convenience, and peace of mind. The Hampton Beach Club building comes with a fitness center, a sauna, tennis court, and even a billiards room.

If you feel like going for a swim, there’s a heated pool downstairs and if you want a more adventurous foray in water – the Atlantic Ocean is literally just a few steps away from your Florida 33062 location.

All the condos are pet-friendly and residents have complete access to the bbq and poolside area. No cookie-cutter condos here as each one is unique in its own right. Floor plans vary not just by the square feet but also when it comes to the baths and view. Bathrooms are a combination of full baths and half baths – depending on the sq ft available in the area. Some condos come with 2 or 3 full bathrooms making them perfect for full family living.

Amenities and benefits you can enjoy in your Hampton Beach condo include:

  1. Active co-ops that will help you get settled in your new condominium.
  2. Quick response to any questions regarding the Hampton Beach Club property. Residents are given an e-mail address that they can send any questions or concerns about this 1800 S Ocean Blvd property.
  3. A choice of a number of baths in the condo. 2 or 3 bathrooms depending on the needs of the family.
  4. Site tools and helpful repair services nearby to fix baths, kitchen, and other facilities in the home.
  5. The 1800 S Ocean Blvd area is notably safe with minimal crime reports
  6. Lauderdale by the Sea is also home to several schools, making these condos ideal for families looking to find a quiet space to raise children.

Invest in Hampton Beach Club, Florida 33062

Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida forms part of the Miami – Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood tourism market, making it a prime spot for people who want to chase the sun during the winter season. Basking in 365 days of warm weather, this Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida area is the ultimate destination for millions of people coming from all over the world. This means that you’re beside the sea. Florida investment could be a strong source of continuing income – even if you have no intent if making these condos your permanent home.

If you take a look at the data map, you’ll find that the Ocean Blvd 1009 condos are remarkably close to the beach area, making it a prime accommodation for anyone who wants to spend their vacation days in the Sea Florida 33063 area. Definitely one of the biggest draws of the properties for renters is the baths which are modern, clean, and luxurious with multiple options from two baths (2) to three full baths (3).

Over the years since it was built, the market value of 1800 S Ocean Blvd and surrounding Lauderdale by the Sea properties have also increased – especially since more and more people travel within the State. Investors looking to flip properties via the MLS in South Florida in 33062 listings found that these condo properties make for the perfect long-term investment. Use your property at 1800 S Ocean Blvd as a prominent rental property on the MLS in places like AirBNB (Board approval needed) or sell it straightforward with the industry-standard average value increase in Pompano Beach, FL 33062 after strong demand.

Flexible Pricing @ Hampton Beach Condos

Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida condos for sale, despite their many luxury amenities, do not come with a high price. This Florida seaside property is guided by the PPSF median in terms of pricing, ensuring that you can get these Hampton Beach real estate condos at a reasonable cost. With its prime location, however, the sale price range being offered for these desirable 2-3 bedroom units aren’t just ideal for property owners – it also makes for an excellent real estate investment! A Hampton Beach Club condo at 1800 S Ocean Blvd Lauderdale welcomes all possible residents and can be the perfect addition to your real estate portfolio. 

Property Alerts for Pompano and Lauderdale by the Sea

These 105 Ocean Blvd condos were built in 1980 – but don’t let that stop you from acquiring the property. Over the years, the condos have been upgraded to comply with the industry standards of South FL in Pompano Beach’s 33062. All amenities have been improved to meet the modern standards of luxury living – up to and including the main 2-3 bathrooms of the area.

Since it opened for residential use, the Hampton Beach Club properties have been listed and ranked high on various MLS platforms. The surrounding areas of Pompano Beach, FL 33062 are considered safe and are close to multiple Fort Lauderdale, FL nightlife and fun activities. A beautiful Hampton Beach Club condo beachfront property could be your next slice of heaven.

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