Luna Ocean Residences Pompano Beach

Built in 2007, the Luna Ocean Residences features a contemporary design that’s conveniently located in one of the more prime realty properties in Pompano Beach FL. Those in the market for beach condos for sale should take a good look at this 704 N Ocean Blvd. property on the beach.

32 Exclusive Beach Condos in Pompano Beach, FL

Offering 32 residences each one measuring around 2,200 to 2,800 square feet, this N Ocean location is ideal for singles and couples looking for a modern and convenient place to stay. Each property opens up to a private elevator and comes with 3 bedrooms. Depending on your needs, these Ocean Residences offer 2 to 4 baths and offers its residents a direct access to the beach. Enjoy the wind, the sand, and the fresh smell of the sea every time you walk out of your building – or even just by opening your own window.

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Luna Ocean Residences Pompano Beach
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Pompano Beach FL Close to Popular Shops

The prime location of this 704 N Ocean residence allows easy access to different shops and restaurants within Pompano Beach, Florida. In fact, it’s just half a mile from the newly constructed Beach House Pompano Restaurant. Close by is also the Oceanic Pompano Restaurant and for further shopping, travel, and exploration – Ocean Residences is just a few minute’s’ drive away from the main stores.

Safety and Security -Luna Ocean Residences

Looking for great condos for sale? Putting your peace of mind as a top priority, Luna Ocean Residences comes with 24-hour security, a concierge, and valet parking. Private garage parking guarantees the safety and security of your vehicles – as well as the vehicles of any guest you might have here in Pompano. The private elevator further boosts your security and gives quick and easy access to your ocean view home.

Prime Location

You know what they say about real estate – it’s all about location. Strategically placed at State A1A Road, this road is cited as one of the most scenic routes in the United States., This Pompano Beach, FL condo building, Luna Ocean occupies a hot location. Luna not only makes for excellent living areas – but it also makes for the perfect investment.

Condominium Features

A boutique-style building, the Luna Ocean Residences features several amenities right in the comfort of its four walls. No need to go far if you want to get your daily exercise as the Fitness Center is just an elevator ride away from your own home. Within the same building sits a heated pool and spa for utter relaxation after a good workout. Or maybe just as a regular part of your day in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Condos for Sale

  • Each unit boasts floor to ceiling windows, making the 704 N Ocean views much more appealing. Well worth the price, the building has been consistently updated every year to meet the changing needs of its residents. Equipped with life’s little luxuries, the Ocean Residences also boasts of some of the most tech advancements today, including a location that’s dead in the center of strong, fast, and reliable internet connection.


  • The units themselves are done in classic detail, making the perfect canvas for your personal furnishing needs. There’s marble floors, granite counters, and a full-size kitchen to accommodate any major cooking you might want to do. All units at Luna Ocean Residences at Pompano Beach take into consideration the unique living conditions of being so close to the water and therefore they built each room to work with the environment you find yourself in.


  • Several units of Luna Ocean residences are pet friendly, allowing you to bring your favorite dog or cat into the rooms. With the ocean right there, pet owners will love the added perk of taking their 4-legged friends for a long walk along the stretch of beaches at 704 N Ocean Blvd. The community itself is pet-friendly with several pet owners also taking their pooches out for a stroll on warm days. Neighborhood information will tell you the closest and most convenient pet shops, veterinarians, and pet grooming salons offering services at a reasonable price range.


  • Sliding doors open up to balconies with a stunning view of Pompano Beach FL and the sea below. Imagine sipping your coffee with this view to start your day – every day! The building of Luna Ocean Residences itself comes with 10 stores, encompassing the 32 residences and the amenities exclusive to its residents. Want to enjoy the outdoors with good food? The units at 704 N Ocean Blvd also have an exclusive area for grilling and picnicking.
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Luna Ocean Residences Pompano Beach 2

Rent or Own Luna Ocean Residences? Find the Right Price for You

Properties in Pompano Beach FL are available for both renters and buyers alike. Several Luna Ocean Residences are available for both categories, giving you the chance to choose the best setup for your move to 704 N Ocean Blvd. Price varies depending on the square footage of each unit, the number of baths, as well as the various amenities that come with each unit. Whether you’re looking for a furnished, semi-furnished, or fully-furnished unit – there should be Pompano Beach residences for sale or rent that will fit your needs perfectly.

If you’re looking to buy at 704 N Ocean Blvd, the average price is at $925,000USD. Now, if you’re looking to rent Luna Ocean Residences, community information provides a range of $4,800 to 5,850 USD, depending on the condition of the unit itself with the minimum value per square foot costing around $282. This Pompano Beach, FL dream of a location is one of the more reasonable ones in the N Ocean Blvd market considering its a prime spot and has amenities designed to create a comfortable living space.

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