Ocean Six Terraces Townhomes Pompano Beach


From stunning beaches, fine dining restaurants to endless shopping options, Pompano Beach Florida clearly has everything that you need to live the good life. Dubbed as “The Heart of the Gold Coast”, Pompano Beach boasts many outdoor attractions and activities, making it an ideal vacation destination, or perhaps a good place to settle down for young professionals, families, and retirees who want to enjoy modern conveniences set in a laidback atmosphere.

Ocean Six Terraces Pompano Beach

Credit- Rex Nichols Architects


Ocean Six Terraces Townhomes Overview

If there was a new construction property in Pompano Beach that epitomizes convenience and luxury, it would be Ocean Six Terraces. The property features well-constructed townhomes that exude the elegance of a five-star resort. Ocean Six Terraces is brimming with amenities that make it a smart and sound real estate investment.

For starters, each of its townhouse were constructed with a sleek private pool that property owners can enjoy to their hearts’ content, an ultra-posh cabana, a private garage, and a stunning outdoor terrace that provides an awesome oceanfront vista in all its beauty and splendor. Ocean Six Terraces was borne out of the brilliant and creative minds of GT Homes USA and Greenpark Group- reputable developers of luxury townhomes in Pompano Beach Florida. Their vision was realized by the equally-renowned Rex Nichols Architects.

With keen attention to detail and super customer service, the developers create uniquely sophisticated spaces that exceed the expectations of discerning clients on the search for delightful homes that boasts luxury, convenience, and amenities like no other. The six townhome units are conveniently located in 700 Briny Avenue and consists of six townhome units between 3,389 to 4,048 square feet. All units are carefully accentuated with unique contemporary architecture and design that further elevates modern living.

Ocean Six Terraces Pompano Beach
Ocean Six Terraces Pompano Beach

Ocean Six Terraces Amenities

Ocean Six Terraces Pompano Beach

Private Pool

Perhaps one of the major selling points of properties in Ocean Six Terraces located in 700 Briny is the inclusion of pools for each of its six units. It provides a semi-outdoor space where family and group of friends can enjoy the sun and sweeping view of the ocean without stepping out of the safety and convenience of home. The pools are constructed on a patio with a crystal view of the Atlantic Ocean. You can enjoy the amenity any time of day and don’t have to worry about strangers invading your space.


If the massive indoor space isn’t enough for you, they have installed a luxury private cabana right next to the swimming pool patio, providing an extended space for both relaxation and socialization. You can be out enjoying the perks of living in the Sunshine State but still have some ample protection from UV rays as you appreciate the beauty of the ocean. The cabanas installed at Ocean Six Terrace units are sleek in design and sturdy in construction, providing its owners the best bang for the buck.


Ocean Six Terraces Pompano Beach

Private Garage

GT Homes USA and the Greenpark Group of Ocean Six Terraces understand the inherent need for security and safety among Ocean Six Terraces property owners. The addition of a private garage for its oceanfront townhomes adds to its charm and appeal. The garage, located at the ground floor, provide the convenience you need and easy access to your vehicles, with extra space for storage to boot. The door can be accessed from the outside and is linked to the foyer.

Rooftop Terrace

The rooftop terrace installed on each Ocean Six Terraces unit is definitely the icing on the cake. Each of the 3,389 to 4,048 square foot units is artfully designed and constructed with entertainment and peace in mind. You can set up barbecue parties, intimate dinners, yoga class with your close friends at the terrace. If the private pool isn’t enough for relaxation, you can even set up a hot tub so you can enjoy calming baths anytime. With the majestic view that Ocean Six Terraces offer, the functionality of its rooftop terraces are limitless.

Ocean Six Terraces Pompano Beach

Other Features

The total space for the first two Ocean Six Terraces units ranges between 3,389 and 3,472 square feet. Two bedrooms are located on the upper level – the master bedroom outfitted with its own toilet and bath and a massive closet for all your personal treasures. The remaining four units are 4,048 sq. ft. with three bedrooms on the upper floor. All units boast impressive construction and the rooftops give owners a 360-degree view of Pompano Beach, Florida’s natural opulent grandeur.

If you are on the search for the perfect luxury oceanfront home that comes with a great price in Pompano Beach, look no further. The units at Ocean Six Terraces are now on sale and open for viewing. Contact Ed Cook for more information or if you wish to schedule a viewing of the property.

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