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Pompano Beach Real Estate Taxes

When it comes to real estate in Pompano Beach, it pays to know all the information about tax bills to avoid paying delinquency interest and fees. in Pompano Beach, property taxes vary depending on the state, type of property, value, and a lot more. When it comes to buying a property, it is important to consider property taxes. Whether it is to refinance old mortgages or buy a new one at Pompano Beach, it is essential to learn the current mortgage rates in the area. Here I will discuss everything you need to know about Pompano Beach property taxes.

What Are Property Taxes?

Property owners, whether individuals or corporations, are required to pay property taxes or real estate tax. The amount of tax an individual has to pay is calculated by the local government where the property is situated. Most of the time, the tax is based on the value of the land and the property owned. But sometimes, tax computation also includes boats, cars, and other tangible personal property depending on the jurisdiction. The tax paid by property owners will be used to finance improvements for the benefit of the community such as the construction of roads and highways, fire protection, libraries, law enforcement, education, and sewer and water improvements.

Each county in Florida has several property appraisers. Take note that a property appraiser is not responsible for setting the property tax rates and tax payment collection. However, a property appraiser can help ensure fair assessment value on all properties and in applying for all applicable exemptions. The appraised value of a property for instance in Pompano Beach is not the basis of property tax rates but the assessed value. Assessed value takes into consideration exemptions such as assessment limitations on Save Our Homes and homestead exemptions.

Homestead exemption can reduce the property’s assessed value by $50,000 for most property taxes. Homeowners can still benefit from the Save Our Homes assessment limitation even if they already received the homestead exemption. It is recommended for homeowners in Pompano Beach to review their yearly TRIM or Truth in Millage. This declares the assessed and appraised value of their home. If the property’s appraised value is way higher than the amount the home can be sold for, the homeowner can file an appeal. Filing can be done in the county adjustment board. However, it is essential to move quickly in filing an appeal as only 25 days is provided to do so.

Broward County Tax Collector

Tax bills in Broward County are sent through the mail by Broward County Tax Collector which is under the Records, Taxes, and Treasury division. Every year, they send over 500,000 property tax bills. Pompano Beach real estate owners can expect to receive their annual property tax bills from Broward County Property Tax Collector. Tax bills are mailed in the first week of November.

Individuals who recently bought a property in Pompano Beach and have no idea how much property tax they need to pay can request help from a Broward County Property Appraiser.

Tax Payments

There are several methods of tax payments in Pompano Beach. It can be through online payment, the envelope included in the tax bill, through Wells Fargo banks within Broward County, or by physically visiting the office of the Tax Collector. Tax payments should be made no later than the last day of March or they will be considered delinquent. Property taxpayers can get a discount if they pay their tax bill in full between November 1 to February 28.

  • November – 4%
  • December – 3%
  • January – 2%
  • February – 1%

Modes of Payment

Online Payment

To pay online, simply visit They accept Echeck without additional fees and all major debit and credit cards but fees may apply. When paying using a debit or credit card, a 2.55% charge should be expected in the total amount. While Echeck payment has no fees, if it is submitted with the wrong account information a fee may be charged, usually up to 5%.

Envelope Included in the Tax Bill

Use the envelope provided in the bill and return the stub on the bottom of the tax bill. The check should be made payable to the Broward County Tax Collector. Ensure that it is payable from a U.S. bank and in U.S. funds.

Wells Fargo Banks

Wells Fargo Bank accepts payment by money order or check. However, only full payment is accepted and should be for the present tax year. Tax bills should be brought to the bank to make payment.

Tax Collector’s Office

The Tax Collector’s office accepts partial and full payment. It can be done by check, cash, and debit, or credit cards with applicable fees. There is a flat fee of $1.95 for payments using a chip debit card and a 2.55% fee for credit card payments with a minimum charge of $1.95. Their office is open Mondays to Fridays from 8:30 AM to 5 PM. The Tax Collector’s office is located at Room A100, 115 S. Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale.

Terms Of Payment

Apart from paying in full, partial and installment payment plans are accepted.

Partial Tax Payment

Partial payment is accepted according to Florida Statute 197.374. Per account, 5 partial payments are allowed and should be made between November 1 to March 31. There is no need to submit any application forms but it should be clearly indicated on the first payment that you are availing of the partial payment option. In the memo line of the check, write down “partial payment” or call the office to request it. Keep in mind that all discounts applicable for full payment will be forfeited when requesting partial payment. Partial payments should only apply to the current tax bills and not for delinquent taxes.

Installment Tax Payment

Another option is by availing of the installment payment plan. You can apply for an installment plan through the Broward County website. The installment plan grants the taxpayers to pay for their real estate taxes for the coming year in 4 installments. A 3.5% discounted rate will be given for the whole year’s bill. There is no need to reapply for this every year once the installment payment plan has been availed provided you pay the first payment on time. For more information about the Installment Plan, you can call or check out the website.

Why Taxes Become Delinquent

Unpaid real estate taxes by March 31 are considered delinquent and are subject to a 3% delinquency interest. There will also be a 1.5% interest each month for Tangible taxes. Partial payments are no longer accepted for delinquent taxes. The Tax Collector will perform a Tax Certificate Auction for all real estate accounts that qualify by June 1st. During Tax Certificate Auction, to get a tax certificate, investors need to pay the taxes due. It is important to remember that Tax Certificates do not give the winning bidder property rights. When a tax certificate is sold during the auction, all delinquent taxes, advertising costs, accrued interest, and fees to get the certificate, the taxpayer is required to pay all delinquent taxes. The only forms of payment that are accepted are cash, wire transfer, and certified funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are property taxes in Pompano Beach Florida?

The property tax rate in Pompano Beach Florida is 1.07%. This means that a homeowner who has a property assessed value at $150,000 will be paying $1,605 annually. However, it will be lower if the homeowner is eligible for the homestead exemption. If you are a qualified home property owner, then you can get a homestead exemption of up to $50,000.

What is the property tax rate in Broward County Florida?

The property tax rate in Broward County Florida is 1.07%. A typical property owner in Broward County Florida pays $2,675 yearly in property taxes.

How much are property taxes in Florida?

Property tax rates vary depending on the location. The average property tax rate in the state of Florida is 0.83%. It is below the US national average which is 1.07%. A regular Florida homeowner pays about $2,035 per annum in property taxes. However, the amount differs significantly between counties. Some laws in Florida cap the taxes due on owner-occupied houses. The Save our Homes taxation limits grow in assessments for property taxes at 3% yearly.

What areas in Florida have the lowest property taxes?

Florida has lower property taxes compared to other states. The lowest property tax rate in Florida is Walton county which has a .69% rate. The second-lowest would be Jackson county at .73%. Santa Rosa County is on third at .77%. The fourth cheapest are Monroe and Bay counties that have a .79% property tax rate.

If I file for Value Adjustment Board petition, should I still pay for my real estate taxes?

Yes, all taxpayers who filed for the VAB petition are responsible for paying the minimum statutory payment. This should be done by the last day of March. If payment has not been made by March 31, the petition will be denied. The exact amount needed to pay varies depending on the kind of petition filed. To know and verify the exact amount, it is best to contact the Tax Collector or use the VAB partial Payment Calculator before making a payment. More information is available at the website regarding the VAB.

Can I change the mailing address for my tax bill?

Yes, this can be done by contacting the Broward County Property Appraiser and request for change in mailing address. The Tax Collector will be informed of the new address and update the tax records.

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