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Top 5 Pompano Beach Oceanfront Restaurants

Top 5 Pompano Beach Oceanfront Restaurants

We all know how the restaurant industry suffered during the pandemic. Our dining experience may never be the same again as in the pre-pandemic era but this industry continues to thrive, and people are feeling comfortable now returning to eating out. The pandemic led restaurants to provide outdoor dining spaces to give customers options on…

Things To Consider When Buying a Condo

Are you thinking about buying a condo? Buying a condominium has a lot of perks including security, less maintenance, affordability, and amenities. But these are not just the things you need to consider when buying one. Below are some considerations you should know to ensure that you get your money’s worth. Location Location is one…

Airbnb CEO Identifies Vacation Rental Trends That are Unlikely to Reverse

Weeklong vacations from clients abroad were once a trend for Airbnb before this pandemic happened. Adventure seekers would always look for accommodation in the city where easy access is available and crowds gather in different arrest attractions. On the other hand, the home rental platform has managed to keep transactions going with trips that are…

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