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Pompano Beach Real Estate Trends 2017

Pompano Beach Real Estate Trends

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With numerous transactions both done and pending, the Pompano Beach real estate trends in 2017 are positive and certain. Pompano Beach is a small city in Florida. Though the real estate business in this area is dense with competitors, the properties sold or rented is still high with an average of 30 properties per month. During peak season based on market trends, the sales can rise up to 100 properties.

The real estate trends in Pompano Beach are categorized into two, namely the homes for sale and those up for rentals. Around 40% of the properties in Pompano Beach are owned while about 30% are rented and the rest are up for grabs. For the former, the average selling days on the site is 271. The property prices may range from as low as $300,000.00 up to as much as $8,500,000.00. On the other hand, homes that are offered for rental stays on the market listing on the average of 307 days.

The rental fees are usually around $2,500 up to $20,000.00. On a scale of 1 to 100 with 100 as the best rating, the population growth in this area is at 72. In connection with this, there are 2 to 3 people per household. The job growth is expected to be at an all-time high of 30.1% for the next decade. Currently, the average income per household in this area is $38,000.00.

Pompano Beach, FL is an ideal place for residence considering it has plentiful when it comes to educational institutions from elementary school until high school. For elementary schools, the following are the recommended ones: McNab Elementary School, Somerset Pines Academy, and Palmview Elementary School.

As for quality middle schools here are a few of many: Somerset Pines Academy, Pompano Beach Middle School and Crystal Lake Community Middle School. Lastly, for high school, there are three well-known schools namely: Pompano Beach High School, Blanche Ely High School, and Cross Creek School.

The house prices in Pompano Beach are very competitive against the state average with a value of around $100,000.00. The prices vary within the area with the lowest recorded values in 33062, 33060, and 33069. For interested buyers, some payment schemes require an average of $50,000.00 down payment in cash.

Subsequent payment may be negotiated with your real estate Realtor. Properties up for rent and selling can be checked out through the internet by searching the MLS on this website. call Ed Cook to list your home or find your dream home today at 732-997-8620.

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