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Top 10 Things to Do in Pompano Beach in 2018

Beyond the bigger metropolitan cities of South Florida, there are smaller cities that visitors should never miss out on. For example, Pompano Beach is a great, centrally located city that offers tourists quite a few things to do and visit all year round. Because the weather here is always warm and comfortable, these destinations can be seen at any time of the year.

Pompano Beach is referred to as “the Heart of the Gold Coast”. For outdoor lovers, there are many places to go to enjoy nature. This means, apart from more than 50 local parks in the city, there is also the beach and the sea to explore. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy fishing and boating and even scuba diving or snorkeling.

Despite its many attractions, it is usually overlooked due to its relatively small size compared to more popular cities in the area. But an advantage of this is that tourists can enjoy the small city charm without being too far from the bigger metropolitan cities like Palm Beach and Miami. Because of this, big airports can also be found within an hour’s drive from Pompano Beach. Visitors can choose between the Palm Beach International Airport (PBI), Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL), and even the Miami International Airport (MIA).

Another reason to visit this city is the many events and festivals planned all throughout the year. In fact, many flock this small city to take part in these events.

If you need some ideas on what to do during your visit to Pompano Beach, here are the top 10 things to do for 2018:

  1. Head to the Beach

Having the word beach in the city’s name, visitors should then never fail to actually go towards the water during their time here. This is not just any ordinary beach; in fact, it has been voted as the best beach in Broward County. It also has a Blue Wave Beach designation awarded by the Clean Beaches Council.

The whole beach runs about 3.5 miles in length, with the Hillsboro Inlet marking the boundary on the North and the City of Lauderdale By The Sea on the south.

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The city has also recently conducted renovations in the main beachfront of Atlantic Boulevard and Pompano Beach Boulevard. It is not only much newer and more beautiful, but it also has some additional facilities like restrooms, showers, picnic areas, barbecue grills, and even outdoor playing areas for kids.

Guests can visit the beach the whole year round, and it is even guarded from 9 am to 4:45 pm. However, to be safe, make sure you pay attention to details on swimming conditions.

  1. Walk on the Pier

The Pompano Beach Pier is a great place to go for a walk while listening to the sound of the waves crashing. This is now being reconstructed to become a top destination for dining and looking out into the sea. The old 1000-feet pier has been renewed and extended to 1100-feet. By 2018, new dining options, both casual and upscale, will open for visitors. Other improvements and upgrades include a new garage, new beach pavilions, a fountain, a new library, and many other changes.

  1. See the Fisherman’s Village

pompano beach fishing villageA few steps away from the pier is the Fisherman’s Village, giving visitors a chance to eat and shop along the sea. Spanning more than 6 oceanfront acres, it will have a pedestrian walk called Pier Street, linking the pier to the Intracoastal Waterway.

Once the work ends in the village, there will be 48,000 square feet of retail space and even options for nightlife and entertainment.

  1. Check out the Restaurants and Bars in the Area

Even if you are in a smaller city, it does not mean you should just go straight to bed at 9 pm. After all, despite being a top retirement option, South Florida is also a great place for young people. Pompano Beach already has some great restaurants and bars in the city and will open even more. Here are some that you should definitely not miss out on.

26 Degrees Brewing

Photo Credit: 26 Degrees Brewing

First is the 26 Degrees Brewing Company started small and based at home until the orders increased and the business grew. Despite the rise in demand and production, they have managed to stay true to their original brews, to the joy of their loyal guests.

The second dining option is Houston’s. Situated on the Intercoastal Waterway, guests opting to sit on the outdoor patio can wine and dine with spectacular views of the water and even the Atlantic Boulevard drawbridge.

The next one you should check out is the Foundry. For a more modern American diner but with a full-service bar, you should look no further. This is also a great place to enjoy some wonderful seafood, freshly caught and deliciously cooked.

  1. Go Visit the Lighthouse

The Hillsboro Light Station has been preserved and maintained for the past 20 years, allowing visitors to still walk around and look at the light streaming out to the water for the local people in their boats. While the lighthouse itself is only open at limited times, special tours have been set to allow visitors to see inside. If you are interested, make sure you check the schedule and book a long time in advance to be sure you will get a spot on the tour.

  1. Go for A Round Of Golf

Golf is another must-try activity in Pompano Beach, especially if you are a fan of the sport. There are quite a few courses to choose from, from the Pompano Beach Golf Course, the Crystal Lake Golf Club, and the Palm Aire Country Club. With the weather always perfect the whole year round, there is not a day you cannot enjoy practicing your game.

  1. Catch the Festivals

Pompano Beach becomes full of visitors come festival time. With great weather and a relaxed atmosphere, going for the festivals is an experience for every guest.

In 2018, the 34th Pompano Beach Seafood Festival will take place on April 27 to 29. Beyond all the food stalls, many offering delicious seafood can be found. Arts and crafts vendors can also be found, selling beautiful and handmade products. Of course, the festival will not be complete without live bands performing various genres ranging from Blues to Metal and even Jazz.

Visitors can choose which music they love by viewing the schedule. Beyond enjoying the shows and the delicious food being sold, visitors can help the many charities of the city, where proceeds from the festival go to.

On Oct 21 to 22, the Brazilian Festival opens. This huge event has welcomed 20,000 people in one day in 2015, with various bands performing during the entire festival. With food and child entertainment options, visitors can enjoy their time fully and without any issues.

  1. Watch (Or Ride) The Goodyear Blimp

Goodyear_BlimpOne of the three airships that house a Goodyear Blimp happens to be based at Pompano Beach’s airport. This means visitors might be allowed to come in, depending on the availability. It is best to contact the base for a chance to visit and maybe even ride the blimp yourself! If you are not as interested in going over to the base, you can still view the blimp as it goes up and down. In fact, this is a very impressive ride and nothing even remotely close to it exists so seeing it with your own two eyes is enough of an experience.

  1. Visit the Butterflies

Butterfly World in Pompano Beach is the largest butterfly park in the whole world and is also the first one in the Western Hemisphere. Guests with kids should definitely take the time to go here and let the little ones experience having these small and gentle creatures flying around them. This is a truly unique trip that everyone in the family, regardless of age, will most likely love.

  1. Shop Some Antiques

No trip is ever complete without going shopping. While Pompano Beach has a lot of malls and shops for visitors to check, out, the Hillsboro Antique Mall offers much more interesting pieces that might be of real value. This mall is the first of its kind, and its doors are also the first mega-antique mall in the area. With 250 dealers and 35,000 square feet of antiques, there is no way guests will not find whatever they are looking for. Even those not looking to buy should still visit for a very unique experience. If you are tired and hungry, you can simply head out to the café for some refreshments and snacks.

Pompano Beach has something to offer guests of all ages, even the youngest ones out there. Paired with mild weather the whole year round, this is a destination that combines the beauty of nature, wonderful festivals, and unique experiences. Guests will never regret taking a stop to get to know this small but wonderful city in South Florida, and with impressive reconstructions and expansions being planned, 2018 is an exciting year to see how the city will take shape in the future.

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