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Salt Life Store Pompano Beach

Salt Life Store and More Opening at Pompano Beach Fishing Village

Pompano Beach Fishing Village continues to be a crowd favorite as new businesses pop up in the landscape. Frequent goers to the area have two new stores to look forward to – the How You Brewin Coffee Company and the Salt Life retail store.

Both businesses will set up shop at the Pier Parking Garage Ground Floor. If you know the Fisher Family Pier, head west of that and you should be able to see the new spaces, covering around 6,000 square feet of total area. The How You Brewin Coffee space will take up the east half while Salt Life will take up the western portion.

Each shop occupies around 3,000 square feet, offering patrons ample space to sit, relax, and enjoy the surroundings. A partner of the Pompano Pier Associates, Tim Hernandez is one of the people responsible for this new addition. Each shop is given creative license with its respective space and an interior buildout is expected to best reflect the vibe of the store.

Enjoying Coffee with How You Brewin Coffee Company

How You Brewin Coffee Company - Salt Life Store and More Opening at Pompano Beach Fishing Village

Aside from its memorable name, the How You Brewin Coffee Company has made its mark in the coffee industry. The shop has its principal business in New Jersey with two Long Beach Island locations. Founded in 2004, the store remains strong under the guidance of its founder-owners, Dan and Lori Malay. For this new location in Pompano Beach, husband-and-wife team Dan and Lori will welcome new partners in the venture to help expand their share of the coffee market.

According to Malay, the opening goal is sometime in January 2023 with a store that’s committed to encouraging the community through coffee.

Hernandez lauds the addition of How You Brewin in the Pompano Beach space, especially since it’s the first of its kind and concept in the area. A unique and special addition, the shop intends to introduce traditional coffee beverages with roughly 3 dozen blends, flavored coffees, single origins, and more. There’s also a dedicated space for the shop’s signature cold brew for that localized feel. Beyond drinks, the shop will offer dessert, pastries, breakfast, and lunch. The store is expected to seat up to 75 seats with 60 of those located indoors.

Salt Life Brings Flavor to Pompano

Salt Life Brings Flavor to Pompano Beach

Salt Life is an apparel-dedicated shop that delivers everything you can possibly need for a day out at the beach. They carry clothes for men, women, and kids engaged in various beach activities like swimming, surfing, diving, and even fishing. This includes sunglasses, hats, sunblock, swimming shoes, and other accessories.

Salt Life has earned goodwill since it was started in 2003. With more than 20 retail stores all over the country, the brand has become a reliable name, especially in the southeastern part of the US. Today, Salt Life carries its self-branded goods as well as other trusted names in the market. The Pompano Beach location should be open to welcome patrons before the year ends.

More In Store with Baresco

More In Store with Baresco - Salt Life Store Pompano Beach

The coffee shop and the apparel retail store are just the start of Pompano Beach Fishing Village. Hernandez reveals that a third store will open its doors soon. Baresco, a Mexican restaurant, is nearing completion and should start operations next year. Baresco is part of the Brimstone Restaurant Group which has a proven track record when it comes to offering good food and a good time. In fact, Brimstone is also the company behind the Beach House Restaurant located within the same area.

With the addition of these three, Pompano Beach Fishing Village will have everything it needs to be the ultimate getaway for locals and tourists alike. Currently operating in the area are the Lucky Fish Beach Bar and Grill, Kilwins, Alvin’s Islands, Oceanic restaurants, BurgerFi, Cannoli Kitchen, and more.

Despite the booming landscape, Pompano Beach Fishing Village isn’t done growing and expanding its sites and attractions. Before the locale peaks, this is the perfect time to make smart investment decisions for Pompano Beach Fishing Village properties.

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