Pompano City Place Condos Pompano Beach

Looking for Pompano Beach Florida condos for sale? Pompano City Place condos may be just for you! Situated north of Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Florida is actually a principal city in the metropolitan area comprising of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. As of 2017, Pompano city data shows that the area is home to over 6 million people. The overall area of the city is measured at 25.4 square miles although approximately 5.54 percent of that area is water, giving you close access to the beach.

Pompano City Place Condos

What Makes Pompano Beach Real Estate Special?

So why exactly are people choosing to move to Pompano Beach, Florida 33062 properties? It could be the all-year sun, it could be the beach, the property price, or it could be the job opportunities. Real estate for sale in Pompano has always been optimistic thanks to the active community. If you’re looking for a condo property in North Broward county, here’s what you should know about the site properties:

Pompano Beach FL Weather

Like most of South Florida, Pompano Beach experiences tropical weather with September hitting a record high of 102 degrees Fahrenheit or 39 degrees Celsius. The cooler months of January and February are anywhere from 88 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Job Opportunities

Pompano Beach FL 33062 has a promising job growth of 40.4 percent, making it higher than the national average of 33.5 percent. People who are working and living in Pompano Beach have an average income of $24,829 USD per year. However, since Pompano City Place is just a few minutes away from Fort Lauderdale, residents can easily find job opportunities in neighboring cities. Within the area, the largest employers are listed as Pompano Park, City of Pompano Beach, Walmart, Publix, Point Blank Solutions, Pompano Masonry, and many more.

Buyers of Luxury Condos

Another plus of Pompano Beach is the fact that they offer luxury condos for anyone who wants something extra in their day-to-day life. If you check out the 200 S Hibiscus Pompano Beach FL listings and map, you can find a waterfront unit, condos with all the amenities, multiple beds, and baths, and basically any other ‘extra’ you might want from your new home. Remember that Pompano Beach FL, 33062 is also a hub for tourists so some of the best accommodations can be found in the area!

Essential Facilities

Being a central city, Pompano Beach comes with all the essentials for modern living. There are multiple hospitals in the areas as well as a smattering of clinics catering towards specialized medicine. Shops, restaurants, laundry, banks, and delivery services are also scattered all over Pompano City. According to data, Pompano Beach is also home to several schools from elementary, middle school, and high school – making it perfect for families.

Luxuries and Quality of Life

Of course, Pompano Beach Florida is also home to several amenities including gyms, fitness centers, specialty shops, and spas, and various water sports. Individuals who are looking for an active lifestyle will find Pompano City Place condos more than welcoming for their various adventures. In fact, condo listings show that some of those facilities are already in the same building as the units so there’s no need to worry about parking.

Pompano City place condos 2

Homeowner’s Association

Practically all Pompano Beach city place condos have a Homeowner’s Association or HOA so it’s important to get used to this early on. HOAs typically have rules that need to be followed for the benefit of everyone in the community. These rules can be about pets, parking, renting out units, or perhaps about having guests over. You should definitely look into the HOA data of any real estate for sale before signing up. Make sure to check with realtors about existing HOAs in place.

Pompano Beach Real Estate- 200 S Hibiscus

One of the thriving cities in Florida, development in Pompano Beach is quickly moving – making it perfect for the up-and-coming buyers. One of the neighborhood condos gaining popularity is 200 S Hibiscus Avenue which is known for its quiet surroundings but proximity to multiple facilities. Today, the site is home to different condo structures, many of which have been built recently and conform with State standards when it comes to high-tower buildings. A remarkable real estate location, 200 S Hibiscus is a favorite among brokers thanks to its excellent selling points.

Your search for a Pompano Beach FL 33062 Condo

Of course, just because you found 200 S Hibiscus condos in Pompano doesn’t mean you should get the first one you like. All Pompano City Place units may seem alike but you have to look further if you want a home that truly turns into your place of comfort. It’s often not enough to find a condo in an ideal address – say, 200 S Hibiscus Pompano Beach, FL. You need to be more discriminating and understand that location isn’t the only factor when choosing Pompano City Place condos. Here’s what you should know about real estate sales in Pompano.

Building Style- Pompano City Place Listing

Your search for good Pompano Beach Florida condos for sale will bring you to several properties. Take a good look at the building itself – specifically the build style and the year built. The kind of real estate condos for sale can actually predict future cost of properties. City Place Pompano is a high rise building that helps distribute maintenance dues over a large number of people, keeping your monthly expenses small while still enjoying all the amenities.

Pompano City place condos

Condo Options

Pompano City Place condos are not all created the same. Keep in mind the different needs of possible residents, many vary in size, shape, type, and number of bedrooms. The beauty here is that aside from being able to arrange listings from price low to high or vice versa, you can also take your pick depending on how many bedrooms you want, whether you want a waterfront condo, a studio type, or perhaps a property within a specific community. By indicating your personal preferences to a broker, you should be able to narrow down your Pompano Beach Florida listing choices of property.

Financing Options

Of course, don’t forget to look into the price of real estate. With the 200 S Hibiscus Pompano listings, you should be able to choose from different price points – depending on which unit listing suits your budget best.

Beds, Baths & Additional Listing Amenities

With the year-round sunny weather of Pompano Beach FL, 33062 – it’s not surprising to find most listings of Pompano City Place condos equipped with summer amenities. These condos are built for people who want to immerse themselves in the community. Amenities for 200 S Hibiscus residents include heated pools, sauna, exercise room, elevators, cabanas, extra storage, and a convenient trash chute. Don’t forget to look at parking security, guest parking, and perhaps even private parking for added safety in your Pompano City Place.

24/7 Security

While the crime rate in Pompano Beach Florida is fairly low, that doesn’t mean that your security should be taken for granted. City Place will have 24/7 security with outdoor lights that add a layer of assurance for its residents. At 200 S Hibiscus Pompano City Place, you should be able to find condos for sale that have a full complement of safety and security features. This includes proper sprinkler setups, fire exit, smoke alarms, and other safety features. The good news is that Pompano Beach local rules should take care of that.

Rent or Own at Pompano Beach Florida?

Looking through multiple listing services of Pompano Beach FL, 33062, you’re probably wondering what’s the best way to afford Pompano Beach condos. The answer depends on whether you’re looking to buy or rent. Condo sales in Pompano are just as thriving as the rental opportunities and with the right search, you can find Pompano City Place broker Ed Cook who can help you with both.

Whether you intend to buy or enter a sale, Pompano City Place property price range should first be considered. Try to figure out your city place Pompano price range and start there. Fortunately, many listings will be arranged from low to high prices or be priced low to high. Today, the average unit price per square foot for Pompano City Place is around USD $355.

Pompano is actually one of the cities being looked into by investors for potential expansion. Thanks to the upward trend of Pompano City Place real estate sales, having one in your portfolio could be the right step towards financial success. As an investment, a Pompano City Place property can be a great way to pad the retirement nest – especially with its perfect 200 S Hibiscus location.

Final Word on Pompano City Place 

The search for Pompano City Place listings can consume weeks or even months of your precious time if you don’t know where to look. This is why a targeted approach is often best through the help of Pompano Beach broker Ed Cook. With the right contact, finding condos that fit your needs at 200 S Hibiscus Pompano Beach should be cut in half, allowing you to quickly move into your brand new Pompano City Place condo as quickly as possible.

Pompano Beach Florida data shows new listings are added every day – make sure to ask for information and take a tour of the area to get first dibs at prime Pompano City Place condos.