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Events September 2022 Pompano Beach

Pompano Beach Events September 2022

With travel restrictions practically lifted, it’s time to hit the beaches just in time for the Pompano Beach Events this September 2022. If your vacation days are limited – you can make sure to visit Pompano Beach on select event days. This way, you’re getting the full experience without going overboard with your vacation leave!

Here are some dates you can check out for September 2022, Pompano Beach.

Scavenger Hunt – Sep 1

This Scavenger Hunt in Pompano Beach is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. It’s a very modern take on the traditional game as participants use their mobile phones to search for treasures. The instructions are sent via mobile phone and you can follow the instructions at your own pace and in your own time. If you’re the competitive sort – you can make sure you win the prize and make the most out of the challenge. Or maybe you can just explore the area and have fun with the promise of something amazing at the end. Note that the game is played per team so this is a great activity for groups of friends looking for an activity while in Pompano Beach.

Improve Your Shooting – Sep 1

Improve Your Shooting - Pompano Beach Events September 2022

Do you want to learn how to handle a gun? The Improve Your Shooting Event in Pompano Beach should be the perfect introductory course for gun safety and handling. They’ll get you started with 15 minutes worth of shooting assessment followed by an actual session. After the session, you can take some advice from the experts and bring take-home drills that can help improve your gun handling. There are also different types of guns and ammo available in the event so you can take your pick.

Old Town Untapped – Sep 2

Experience Pompano Beach as the locals know it. This event which starts at 6 PM and ends at midnight is a local attraction. From the music, the food, and the events – everything features strong local ties with the community. While the intention is to get the tourists in touch with Pompano Beach hospitality, it’s not surprising that many of the locals themselves visit this event to chill and connect with friends.

Sundress and Linen Party – Sep 3

It’s a Labor Day Party at the Pompano Theatre!  The party starts at 4 PM and officially ends at 10 PM. Unofficially? It can go as long as you want with all the restaurants and bars readily on hand for an after-party. Note though that this party requires you to purchase tickets – but online purchases will give you the chance to get a discount on the tickets. Expect live performances, access to cabanas, and a really good time enjoying music with like-minded people.

Open Jam Night – Sep 3

Do you love music? Do you occasionally enjoy a session of Karaoke with your friends? The Open Jam Night would be the perfect event to visit during your trip to Pompano Beach. The Open Jam is hosted by the Black Flamingo Brewing Co where you can bring your lyrics, songs, poems, and other favorites for their event. If you miss the September 3 night – don’t worry! The Open Jam Night is available every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month so you have time.

Smokin/Renegade Special Performance – Sep 3

Even if this is the first time you’ve heard of them – the Smokin/Renegade is not to be missed! This band is a local favorite and has been known to offer some of the best performances in Pompano Beach. The event itself will be hosted by Galuppi’s which means that there will be food and drinks everywhere! No outside food or drinks though – but everything else you want should be onsite.

Labor Day Weekend 3 Man Rotation 9 Ball Tournament Fundraiser – Sep 3

9 Ball Tournament - Pompano Beach Events September 2022

This is a fun event that’s done for a cause! All proceeds of the tournament will go towards the help and support of families battling with cancer. It’s hosted by the My Family Matters Foundation and welcomes every team in the pool tournament. If you just want to watch – that’s fine too!

One Republic – Sep 3

Yes, it’s THE One Republic showing up at Pompano Beach along with some of the best bands in the area. This is part of the Never Ending Summer Tour and its kind of obvious why One Republic chose Pompano Beach to be one of their top destinations. It’s bound to be a packed night so make sure to get there early! This is the kind of show that non-locals would travel for so make sure you have the date saved on your calendar!

Amplify Wellness Market – Sep 4

The Wellness Market is done monthly and is a haven for vendors who are selling health, wellness, and alternative therapies. The demos offer a host of activities from meditation, fitness, and even free Yoga sessions every 9 AM! Just make sure to bring your own mat and be prepared to start sweating early in the day. The Wellness Market is open from 9 AM to 2 PM so there’s plenty of time to explore.

Eminence – DAY RAVE (Fort Lauderdale) – Sep 4

Do we really need to explain exactly what this event is for? It’s a rave and the tickets are limited so you might want to make sure you’re there early. Early Birds also get a discount on the ticket price so that’s definitely something to look forward to. The event starts at 4 PM and ends around 10 PM – but after parties are welcome!

Boss Up Business Conference for Teens – Sep 4

This particular event is set up specifically for teens who want to start their own businesses or want to get started on their careers early on. Guest speakers from prominent businesses will be showing up to provide their insight, offer some guidance, and give teens the boost they need to boss up. RSVP is necessary for this event so make sure you reserve your seat now!

AwatFit Free Fitness Class – Sep 4

AwatFit Free Fitness Class - Pompano Beach Events September 2022

Enjoy a day of working out in the sun with this free fitness class. Yes – it’s completely and 100 percent free for anyone who wants to join in! Just make sure you book your tickets online because there are limited slots to it. The fitness class starts at 9 AM and ends at 2 PM – so that’s a lot of hours working off fat.

Live Saturday – Jason Adam Duo – Sep 4

It’s a chill event where you can listen to music, talk to friends, and enjoy a bucket of beer at reasonable prices. A lot of locals come to these events as it gives them the perfect opportunity to reach out and catch up with each other. Any self-respecting tourist also makes sure they go at least once and get that true blue Pompano Beach experience.

FWA, Angry Bastard, Hijas de la Muerte & The Scream Queens – Sep 4

It’s a free show and everyone is welcome! Well, at least everyone is 21 years old and above. This show features some of the best bands today with the doors opening as early as 8 PM. Make sure you get there early because the space may be limited by the sheer number of people. The lively music combined with flowing food and drinks makes this a night to remember.

Retro Dance Party – Sep 4

Do we need to explain more about this retro dance party? Of course not! The event is a hubbub of locals and tourists who want to connect, laugh, drink, and dance the night away with some of the best dancing music in town. You get that clean 70s, 80s, and 90s vibe plus drinks and food all around.

Beach Fit Camp with the Camp – Sept 4

Most people go on vacations and come back with a few extra pounds – but not you! This Beach Fit Camp event helps you lose weight through the vacation with the help of a certified trainer. By the time you go home from Pompano Beach, you’ll have a killer body – or at least the beginning of one.

VIP Pet Care – Sep 4

VIP Pet Care - Pompano Beach Events September 2022

Do you love animals? Do you travel with your pet? The VIT Pet Care Event at Pompano Beach should be the perfect opportunity for you to give your pooch the love he deserves. This event is open to all animal lovers who want some convenient and affordable walk-in veterinary services.

Doc Reno’s 5th Annual Bacon-Beer-BBQ Festival – Sep 5

Who doesn’t love a good barbecue? Doc Reno’s Bacon Beer and BBQ Festival offer one of the most mouthwatering food-centered events in Pompano Beach. You don’t just get food though – you get live music and entertainment to go with all that amazing food. All of the proceeds go to My Family Matters Foundation which is a charity catering to cancer patients.

2022 Summer Golf League – Sep 8

There’s nothing like large stretches of land to get you going for a leisurely round of golf. The 2022 Summer Golf League lets you enjoy the game – or participate in it, depending on your preferences. The event happens in one of the most prominent golf courses in Pompano Beach – complete with all the amenities needed for the sport. You can get a weekly admission or if you’re a true blue golf fan – there’s also a season pass.

In Person Drawing Space – Sep 9

This free event lets your creative juices flow with some free-form drawing. You can sketch whatever you want, have fun with the colors, and spend the 2 full hours just letting your mind wander. The Drawing Space is open for everyone – even complete newbies to the activity! The event brings together both the art experts and the ones who simply enjoy the activity – creating a safe space where people can meld together and enjoy a common love for colors. Note that it’s not a workshop – it’s an interactive community space and tourists are more than welcome!

Lyrics Lab – Sep 21

The Lyrics Lab is a once-a-month event scheduled every 3rd Wednesday of the month. It’s a unique open-mic concept that starts at 8 PM and ends at 10 PM. It’s not just about the song, however – the Lyrics Lab opens all works of art. Test out your new poem, spoken poetry, new music, or any other form of art you want the world to see. Lyrics Lab regulars are always appreciative of new faces and would welcome new bursts of creativity in their realms! Since Pompano Beach is a hive of activity, you’ll be surprised at how many people are also tourists.

Of course, those are just some of the events for September 2022 at Pompano Beach. One thing is for sure – no matter what date you visit, there will always be something exciting in store for you.

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