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Pompano Beach Coronavirus Update 7-21-20

COVID-19 daily new cases in Florida July Update

Here is the latest Pompano Beach Coronavirus Update – July 21, 2020. The number of COVID-19 cases in Pompano Beach, Florida is still increasing. Since the first-ever recorded case of COVID-19 was recorded in the city, Pompano Beach now has a total of 16, 155 cases, with new cases averaging at 453 cases per day, it’s not surprising that the city of Pompano Beach maintains its position of enforcing strict guidelines to protect its residents, especially those with a greater predisposition of acquiring COVID-19.

Although many businesses have reopened their doors to customers, there is still anxiety among the residents whether the owners are closely adhering to safety guidelines. Businesses are slowly witnessing the return of customers, but in terms of transactions, most locals still prefer take-outs and delivery options for the products and services they order online.

Pompano Beach coronavirus update July 2020

Public gatherings are still not encouraged, with some beaches mandated to close as the surge in coronavirus cases in Pompano Beach and nearby cities witnessed an unprecedented increase these past weeks. Even July 4th public fireworks display is canceled this year as a measure towards decreasing the number of cases not only in Pompano Beach but across the entire state. City officials argue that the cancellation of American’s birthday celebration is for the best interest of the public.

Governor Ron DeSantis seems to have a different perspective on the cancellation of fireworks by Pompano Beach and other cities in Florida. But he did advise those who are more susceptible – the elderly, immunocompromised individuals, and those with chronic medical conditions to take extra precautions while celebrating during the upcoming Fourth of July weekend. He added that outdoor activities are not as dangerous as indoor gatherings, where limited ventilation and the closed nature of venues are more likely to contain the virus resulting in infection for many people.

Pompano Beach Coronavirus Update Details

A great majority of the cases that were reported in Pompano Beach were mostly young people. Although young people have been observed to be more resilient to the virus, safety will still be a priority. Nursing homes in Pompano Beach and nearby communities are focused on protecting its people, especially the elderly who live in nursing homes.

Due to the sudden surge in cases of COVID-19 cases in the city, most hospitals and health care institutions in Pompano are limiting their elective surgeries for the time being. This was enforced to ensure that hospitals do not become the reason for a further increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in Pompano Beach.

As Pompano Beach is in the second phase of Florida reopening, bars and clubs are starting to fill up. Since it’s summertime, people on vacation or those who simply want to socialize after weeks of lockdown are heading to bars, reuniting with friends and mingling with strangers. City health officials are not against the reopening but hope locals and business owners practice social distancing and mask-wearing to reduce the chance of catching the virus altogether.

Renaissance Condo Pompano Beach SE HDRThe real estate market is back in its feet again. Realtors from all over the city are starting to work and close sales. Most real estate companies encourage real estate professionals to utilize online meetings with buyers, to ensure the safety of both parties. Virtual live chat tours are increasingly becoming popular among realtors. In all, the Pompano Beach real estate market is thriving despite the many challenges brought about by COVID-19. Numerous deals are being finalized by many realtors. Buyers need to be more patient when purchasing a property in Pompano Beach as documents will take some time to complete and process. A lot of real estate companies work with the skeletal workforce, which means paperwork will need to wait a few weeks before a property title can be handed out to its new owners.

A large portion of Pompano Beach locals are returning to work and going back to their old routines but are expected to follow a few safety precautions. The economy of Pompano Beach has been seriously disrupted due to the closures that happened from a few months back. People are learning to adapt and follow current safety guidelines, as a means to flatten the curve and for the economy to wake up again. With hopes that things will get better over time, the city office is working hard to look for solutions to keep its locals safe and healthy.

For those who need extra assistance in reopening, Pompano Beach City office is utilizing the Economic Development Council, Community Redevelopment Agency, and Chamber of Commerce; organizations that came together to support the recovery of businesses. These initiatives help business owners, realtors, and other entrepreneurs effectively adapt to the normal while keeping their safety at high levels, too.

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