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Pompano Beach Florida 2018

Pompano Beach Springs Back To Life After 8 Years of Upgrades

Pompano Beach House RestaurantPompano Beach has accomplished what pundits say cannot be done. And people are starting to flock this scenic South Florida hub.

People are lining up outside the Pompano Beach House oceanside restaurant, patiently waiting to be seated, a first in the establishment’s history since Hurricane Wilma left a wake of destruction across the city in 2005. A seafood restaurant is also prepping up its doors to welcome long-lost patrons and new gourmands to their all-new improved menu.


A Hilton-branded hotel complete with 150 well-appointed rooms is also forging the trail; occupying the now-parking lot of the beachside redevelopment area. It has been 52 years since any sign of development was seen in this city property.

Pompano Beach Florida 2018

They even have a Beach Cam!

New Pompano Beach Visitors Center On The Beach

In the second week of June this year, Pompano Beach opened the first-ever visitor center located right on the city’s beach. The visitor center is guaranteed to be staffed all-week long. The 6-acre strip of land adjacent to the city pier is also undergoing massive development, highlighted by two beachside structures that will also be the home of numerous restaurants and retail outlets.

For 8 years, Pompano Beach has been on a $50 million odyssey, giving its beachside the kind of development that it needs. Many of the pieces to the puzzle are now falling into the right places including state-of-the-art facilities and tourist amenities that cater to all types of people regardless of their capacity to pay. Modern amenities are at the heart of the Pompano Beach development, anchored in part by the June 2016 opening of the now-iconic parking garage that is incredibly festooned with sails.

Pompano Beach Parking garage oceanside

Pompano Beach Parking Garage

Stunning New Pompano Oceanside Parking Garage

It has been 2 years since the parking garage opened to the public. Twenty-four months forward and the city now has an artificial reef that looks more like a gambling venue with a stunning aquatic theme. Also present is a water taxi shuttling visitors and city residents to and from Lighthouse Point and Fort Lauderdale. The water taxi also provides a pivotal hub for other taxi services plying Pompano Beach and Margaritaville in Hollywood.

Brand New Taller and Wider Fishing Pier

The pier is also getting a much-needed makeover starting with a change in the shape of its easternmost point to resemble that of a fish.

Both residents and newcomers have verbalized their pleasure at what they have seen over the course of only a few years. Even visitors cannot help but feel admiration for the city’s transformation.

Slowly disappearing is Pompano Beach’s image of being an ugly stepchild to the more elegant and more stunning Fort Lauderdale and Lighthouse Point. In its stead is an image worthy of pride. And as the 8-year development of the city is in full steam, the private industry is seen to chip in.

Almost everyone is now flocking to Pompano Beach because of the life that is breathed back into its core. It is now the favorite place to go and unwind as exemplified in Money Magazine giving the city the top spot in the country’s Best US Beach Vacations in May 2018.

Now is the best time to get a home in the city before it gets really crazy.


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