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Oyo Hotel Pompano Beach 4

Oyo Hotel Pompano Beach

Looking for great hotel deals in Pompano Beach, FL? Look no further than with the Oyo Hotel Pompano Beach. Oyo Hotel is a quaint hotel found near Mizner Park, Deerfield Beach Pier, and the City Center. It’s a few minute’s drive to the best sites and destinations in Florida so tourists can make the most out of their vacation.

Oyo Hotel Pompano Beach

Oyo Hotel Pompano Beach is located at 4211 North Federal Highway, Lighthouse Point, Deerfield Beach (FL), United States, FL 33064. It was formerly named ‘Haven Hotel’, but with its partnership with Oyo Hotels, it is more commonly known as the Oyo Hotel among tourists and residents of Pompano Beach. Reviews received from guests show that in spite of the name change, the hotel remains a popular choice among tourists. The Oyo Hotels brand was also able to bring new guests to the hotel thanks to the popularity of the brand name all over the world.

The Oyo Hotel Pompano Beach is a two-story hotel that offers an affordable stay for tourists wanting to go around Deerfield Beach. Based on a number of reviews, the Hotel is known for offering room comfort and having a number of free services and superb customer service to all tourists.


Located at the heart of Pompano Beach FL 33064, the Oyo Hotel Pompano property has the advantage of being near tourist destinations and a short drive to the beach pompano. While it is not possible to walk to the beach because the North Federal Highway is in front of the hotel, it only takes 10 minutes to the beach by car. The review of the hotel’s location shows that it is easily accessible to a number of tourist destinations including city centers and restaurants.

Deerfield Beach is just less than 10 minutes by car. If visitors want to stay in a less-crowded shore, going to the beach early can help them avoid a lot of people. They can also easily pick a parking area and a good place to lounge with their children.

Other places near the former Haven Hotel is North Pompano Park. It’s literally just two blocks away from the hotel’s location making it a convenient relaxation space for families and couples. North Pompano Park is commonly used for sports and games, but on a good day, visitors can catch it empty save for those who walk their dogs in the morning.

Since tourists are already in the Pompano Beach area, they can already take a trip to the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. It’s only a short distance to the hotel – only 15 minutes away by car!

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As a newcomer to Pompano Beach, visitors might be wondering what Oyo Hotel looks like. While it’s named a hotel, Oyo Hotel Pompano Beach is like a motel property that has a hotel-like service. Nonetheless, it has amenities that give visitors a very comfortable stay such as a mini-casino and gambling room and a swimming pool.

The Oyo Hotel Pompano Beach property is a two-story hotel that has several different room types. Each room may have a single bed while some have a single king bed. Each room contains a desk, a cabinet, a small to medium-sized TV, window, and a phone. Each room also has its own toilet and bathroom. Of course, the overall stay wouldn’t be pleasant without the towels, toiletries, and fresh bedsheets given to every new customer.

When entering the Oyo Hotel Pompano Beach, guests will be treated by superb customer service. Right in front of the main door is the front desk where guests can check-in and out. The friendly staff at the front desk will assist them in all their concerns and questions. The staff can also guide guests to the different facilities of the hotel.

The hotel has its own swimming pool right at the back of the building. The pool is a medium-sized rectangular area where both children and adults can enjoy the Pompano Beach heat.

To add to that, the Oyo Hotel has a small casino and gambling area for adults who wish to try their luck. This is a great place to meet neighbors and tourists in Florida. Aside from gambling, guests can head over to the bowling section where they can learn a few bowling skills.

Lastly, there is 1 room that is dedicated to lounging and mingling with other guests. In spite of being a small hotel, the hotel ensures that it is spacious enough for every 1 room they provide for public use. This includes the lounge area by the swimming pool.

Hotel Services

Oyo Hotel competes in terms of hotel services. In fact, there isn’t a neighborhood hotel like it that has received great reviews on its hotel services especially those that come free.

For starters, the Pompano Beach hotel offers free parking to all its guests. The parking property is spacious so guests don’t have to stress about where they leave their car. There is also a driveway in front of the property so guests can drop their things easily by the front desk.

Another thing that people will find useful in the location is free wifi. Yes, Oyo Hotel Pompano Beach has wi-fi in the whole property from the front desk to the swimming pool. Each room also has an internet connection. Guests may ask the receptionist to give them the wifi password and username.

To add to that, the hotel offers complimentary drinks available in the room. Guests can maximize their value for money with the free drinks presented once they enter their room. There’s also a coffee and tea maker for every 1 room. If guests need more drinks, they can call our desk staff from the telephone provided.

If there is anything else guests need like airport shuttle or directions to how to go to their favorite tourist spots, the management can easily help them with their concerns. The front desk is available 24/7 and guests can also give the receptionist a call through the phone number provided in the room.

When it comes to complimentary breakfast, the hotel does not provide meals let alone complementary ones. However, there is a vending machine in the hallway for both floors. Snacks and drinks can be bought from there.


Depending on the season, the Oyo Hotel gives great discounts for 1 room through their partner websites. Booking sites are able to showcase all the available rooms in the hotel. Just put the dates that visitors wish to visit Pompano Beach and they can get details on the available room.

Unfortunately, the hotel does not have its own website yet, so all bookings are done through a third party. Prices may vary depending on the booking site. It’s also important to keep in mind that peak seasons may increase the room rate and 1 room may cost more than if visitors were to reserve 2 or more rooms. Discounts also vary in the room that is chosen.


Oyo Hotel Pompano Beach has different types of rooms to cater to varying guests. The hotel has a standard room, king room, and a deluxe room, all varying on the room size, king bed, room amenities, and furniture.

The standard room contains a queen-sized bed or a double bed. If guests want a room with two double beds, they can choose a double room with double beds. Among the other three room types in the property, the standard room has the smallest room size. However, it still has the minimum appliances like refrigerator, shower, bathtub, desk, and a small television set.

On the other hand, the King room contains a large king bed that can fit two people. Guests can upgrade this to a premium king bed for a much wider bed that can fit three people. This is perfect for families with young children.

Lastly, there is the deluxe room. The deluxe room also has a king-sized bed. Above all the room available in the Oyo Hotel Pompano Beach property, the deluxe room is the most spacious. It’s 1 room with a wider floor area. However, the only main difference from the other rooms is the size. If you are looking for 1 room for one’s self, the guest will find the deluxe room perfect for his/her preferences.

Management and Staff

The staff at Oyo Hotel is friendly and accommodating. The hotel is grateful for the reviews that highlight the great customer service staff give to the guests.

The hotel staff is available throughout the day. However, only a few of them are available at night. Nonetheless, guests can always call the front desk for any concerns that they may need in the room. During the day, room service is available to replace the bedsheets and to clean the room even for those who stay longer than one night. Pillows, towels, and other toiletries are refilled and change every day.

Reviews on the Oyo Hotel Pompano Beach

Oyo Hotel Pompano Beach has been operating for a while now in the United States. But what does it feel like to stay there? Do guests enjoy the room, property, and location? Here are some great observations of the hotel’s former customers.

First, the Oyo Hotel is a neighborhood hotel. This means that while it does not match 4 or 5-start hotels in the location, it does deliver great service from management and staff. A number of reviews on social media accounts show just how contented and impressed customers are on staying in the property.

Second, the Oyo Hotel property is on a strategic location. It’s right in the middle of everything – the beach, malls and shops, restaurants, parks, and even the airport. Yes, it’s not a beachfront hotel, but in just a few minutes via car, guests can already enjoy the whole Pompano location. Reviews show that the location is one of the hotel’s best traits.

If there are good reviews, there are also bad reviews from customers. After all, Oyo Hotel is not for everyone. Of the reviews that the hotel has received from customers in the United States, the maintenance of the hotel stands out. Some reviews have pointed that the mattress may contain bed bugs and the floor carpet needed more cleaning. To add to that, some reviews note that the hotel lacks the luster that would encourage travelers to check-in to the hotel. While these reviews are valid, the office manager welcomes these reviews to improve on the services and quality of the stay of the guests.

Going back to good reviews, the hotel has affordable prices and great discounts given that it is on a prime location in the United States. Booking sites like Expedia,, Agoda, and Trip Advisor offer affordable rates on their website. Interested travelers may visit these websites for their accommodation and to proceed with their payments.

Overall, there is a good balance of good reviews and bad reviews, but the Oyo Hotel always seeks to improve its management by engaging with previous guests on how they can better improve. Sure, it is not the fancy hotel that people think about when visiting Florida, but it does offer a safe environment for family and friends who love backpacking across the United States.

Reminders for Oyo Hotel Guests

Since the Oyo Hotel plans to reopen on July 2020 amidst the coronavirus pandemic, guests are encouraged to follow safety protocols in the location. It’s highly recommended that 1 room follows the set maximum number of people.

Strict reviews on the current policies and were made to ensure that the hotel follows the guidelines set by the Pompano Beach unit. This is to make the opening on July 2020 safe for both guests and hotel staff. Moreover, large gatherings in 1 room are strictly prohibited in the location.

While Oyo Hotel strives to make the new normal bearable for travelers, reviews are always welcome to further improve the hotel’s quality and customer service.

Photos of the Oyo Hotel come from the management and guests.

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