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How to Find The Best Real Estate Agent

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Ed Cook – Pompano Beach Real Estate Agent

Finding a good real estate agent is important especially if you are looking for a new place in a city with high demand and low supply. Not only will they be able to find you the few good places out there in the market, you will also save a lot of time and effort browsing through ads and making phone calls. Sometimes, they are also privy to apartments or houses that are not even advertised in public.

If you want to make sure that you contract the services of a great agent, here are some items to look out for:

  1. Client Recommendations

You can ask friends or family for the agent that helped them in their own search, or ask other recent clients to be clear on how clients view them. Another good step is to ask how much they were able to negotiate the asking price.

  1. Licenses

A licensed agent has the training to conduct business and you may even ask the regulatory board if there are complaints filed by previous clients.

  1. Awards

If your real estate agent has an award on display, for example winning the “Realtor of the Year” award, then this is a good sign that you found a great one.

  1. Advanced Training

Some real estate agents also specialize and to do so, they will have to go through additional training. Such additional qualifications are helpful if you are looking for a specific type of property. Ed Cook specializes in the condominium Plaza at Oceanside and the surrounding area condos and has sold over $15 million in sales in the last 3 years alone!

  1. Lots of Experience

Real Estate Pro Ed Cook Pompano

Finding an agent that has been in business in the area for many years means they know the location well and have built enough connections to know what is available. They will also have enough knowledge on price trends, attractiveness, and availability of a specific part of the city.

  1. Extensive Listings

Most realtors will have their own websites or have a list of available properties. You may be able to already see the kind of listings they have, if they are in the area you are interested in and if they are in the same price range you are looking for. A good real estate agent should also have a wide variety of places for rent or for sale to give customers a few choices.

  1. Familiarity

When you meet with your real estate agent Ed, ask about other properties available in the area to see how much he knows about the market. If he can give you more information without referring to his listings, it shows he knows his business well. Ed lives in Pompano Beach, Florida in the Plaza at Oceanside and has extensive inside knowledge about everything in the building, and Pompano beach as a result.

Real Estate Agent Ed Cook in Beautiful Pompano Beach

A great real estate agent that has these traits will be well worth every dollar of commission because not only will you be more likely to find your dream home, Ed Cook will make the experience smooth and amazing for you. Contact Ed today!

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