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South Florida condo market -

What Does the Condo Market in South Florida Look Like in 2018?

If you’re thinking of the next place to call your home, you might want to seriously consider getting a condominium in South Florida. To say that the condo market in this part of the country is booming is a gross understatement. It is literally the most sought-after place even by the country’s foremost business magnates,…

hiring a realtor - Ed Cook real estate

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Realtor

Looking for that dream real estate property is often wrought with a lot of challenges. It’s a good thing there are professionals who can help you better decide on which property you should take. These are your realtors. And if you’re not yet convinced why you should hire one, here are the top 5 benefits of…

Pompano Beach real estate

Pompano Beach 4th Quarter 2017 Housing Market Statistics

Pompano Beach is one of the cities that are reporting huge gains in their real estate statistics. Unlike many other parts of the country, investing in property on this side of the world is a great idea due to the high appreciation. At the moment, there just seems to be no stopping this growth. While…

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